Getting a free quote is simple. You can fill out our contact form with a few details of what’s required. Or, you can email us at contact@canadianpaintshop.com Alternatively, we can arrange a free visit from our team.

If within budget, you can book our residential painters and decorators in London to start at a time that suits you.

Preparation is the most important stage in painting and decorating. Thorough preparation work ensures the paint finish is smooth and lasts.

Before painting, we complete the following preparation tasks:

  • Protect flooring, surfaces, and furniture
  • Masking tape the windows, sockets, and light switches.
  • Remove any loose or flaky paint
  • Clean the surfaces with a sugar-soap solution
  • Fill any holes or cracks
  • Sand the surfaces
  • Undercoat/prime the surfaces

We have a large team of residential painters and decorators in GTA. As a result, our team is always local and available. In addition, we have built relationships with lots of local suppliers. Therefore, we can keep lead times to a minimum.

So, whether your project is large or small, we can start when it suits you.

All paints contain solvent, pigment and binder. As the paint dries, the solvent disperses, and the pigment and binder remain. The pigment and binder are known as the solids content. The higher the paint’s solids content, the better it covers and protects.

Inexpensive paint has a lower solids content, which means worse coverage. As a result, you’ll need more coats of cheap paints to get equal coverage. Therefore, we avoid using cheaper paints for our work.


We know tradesmen get a bad reputation for being messy.

At the end of every working day, we ensure your home is clean and tidy. Also, we store any paints we are using so they are out of the way. In addition, once we finish painting your home, we will clean the entire space. Therefore, your home is just as tidy when we finish as when we began the works.


A paint finish refers to the level of shine a paint gives off.

There are five types of paint finishes:

  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi-gloss
  • High-gloss

A matte finish is non-reflective. This means it absorbs light rather than reflecting it. So, it’s best suited to low-traffic areas of your home.

Eggshell paint appears matte when faced directly. However, when viewed at an angle, it has some sheen. Eggshell paint resists stains better than matte. Therefore, it is better suited to high-traffic rooms.

A satin finish is more reflective than an eggshell finish. As a result, satin paint is easier to clean and more resistant to dirt. A satin finish is ideal for high-traffic rooms, such as bedrooms.

Semi or high-gloss:
Semi-gloss provides a shiny finish. This makes gloss finishes suited to areas constantly in use, such as accent walls or woodwork. However, due to the level of shine, we wouldn’t recommend using them in entire rooms.

Our residential painters and decorators have experience with every type of finish. So, whatever finish you choose, we’re here to help.


On average, a 3-bedroom house will take 7-days to paint. However, timescales vary property-to-property due to differences in size and condition. Nevertheless, when we provide a quote, we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take too!